Best practices to consider when conducting QA coaching sessions

A Call Quality Assurance program can only be successful if agents are coached about the program. As far as coaching is concerned, it is essential that certain best practices be considered by managers or those that are conducting these coaching sessions. When conducting coaching sessions, one best practice to consider is to deliver the sessions in private settings. Delivering coaching in such settings ensures that confidentiality is maintained and it also helps prevent outside interruptions and distractions. The second best practice is to begin the sessions on a positive note. This can be done by highlighting the strengths of call center agents and recognizing accumulative improvements.

When the sessions are begun on a positive note, it also makes it easier for the call center agents to follow the proceedings. It is common in most Call Center QA coaching sessions for managers or QA specialists to discuss performance opportunities. It is essential that when discussing the different performance opportunities, managers should be able to focus on ad hoc examples. They should also be able to detail the various reasons why a call center agent did not achieve the standards set for performing their duties. Apart from this, another important best practice to consider is to provide call center agents with examples on how certain situations can be handled in a better way. Coaches should encourage receptive dialogue when conducting these sessions. They can do this by asking call agents to give opinions or talk about the various areas where they are having difficulties. They should also be allowed to talk about the kind of solutions and support they require to help them work effectively. Coaches should also establish extra goals for call center agents to achieve before the next session is conducted. Just like it is important to start the Call QA coaching sessions on a positive tone, it is also important to end the sessions on a positive tone. click here for more information about Call Center Quality Assurance