Does your iPhone battery need replacement?

Battery life of your iPhone is the time it runs before it needs to be charged again. Battery lifespan is the time your iPhone will run before it needs to be replaced. If both are maximized then you can get the most out of the Apple iPhones.

If your iPhone is past warranty and getting older, your batter does not hold charge for long - it is time to replace the battery. If your iPhone does not even boot anymore perhaps the battery has died completely. There may be other reasons to replace the battery. It can be easily done at iphone fix singapore store. If you plan to do-it yourself, it is recommended that you use trustworthy suppliers for battery replacements. The supplier must be able to provide high quality replacement part and warranty against defects for up to six months. It is always better to ensure other symptoms of a bad battery like overheating of your iPhone, or simply a battery icon that does not charge or it may shutdown at random. You may also observe shorter charge cycles than expected. It may turn off and not turn back on until the iPhone is plugged into a charger. It is simple and easy to replace the battery. It can be done at home if you have a new battery that you have acquired from the supplier. All it will take is about fifteen minutes, few tools, some screws and clips or tabs depending on which iPhone model you are fixing. Discard the old battery safely so that it does not cause any damage alternatively you can take it to the iPhone repair Staten Island store. You may want to check with Apple Care regarding battery care, maximization as well as its disposal on replacement.