From September will be available Dakar 18 download, an unrivaled video game of off-road racing.

Just as in real life there is a great variety of car races; in the universe of video games, this multiple, because, the creators are based on the most popular competitions globally, such as Moto GP, Formula1, NASCAR, among others, Thus, technological advances have tried to imitate as much as possible of them. In view of this, Deep Silver and Bigmoon Entertainment, have set the goal to recreate one of the most maddening, demanding and extreme competitions in the automotive world, the Dakar. The mission that has been achieved and, from September will be available Dakar 18 downloads, for all those who wish to examine their qualities and skills behind a steering wheel and on a long route full of obstacles.

In this sense, the users of Dakar 18 free will find a game that will faithfully reflect the essence of real competition through simulation and Artificial Intelligence. Which will be developed in wide open maps of the route, comprised by more than 18,000 km2 extended from the countries of Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina; same places where the event organized by Amaury Sports Organization (A.S.O) takes place annually. However, what sets Dakar 18 free pc apart from racing video games is that it does not come with a constant route like the others. On the contrary, in this simulator there is an open map for the free exploration of each participant; although, it is certainly specified a demarcated path in the navigation system; which supposes the true challenge of the game, since the ability to follow the instructions will be proved; simultaneously a strategy to finish each phase is devised. Likewise, with dakar 18 download, the player has the possibility to choose the vehicle he wants from the various options, ranging from motorcycles and cars to trucks, quads and even SxS. These, have different behaviors and characteristics, so the requirements and requirements will be different in each case. In this way, it will be essential to consider vehicle wear and know how to manage the resources available to them.