Getting the best sexual assault lawyer in toronto

According to statistic, it has been established that over 80% of sex assault accusation that is reported usually end up in the accused been jailed. This is why the importance of a sexual assault lawyer in toronto cannot be trivialized. Sometimes the accused have been tempted to think they can talk their way out of this grievous accusation. They believe that by telling their part of the story, the police will let them go. But the truth is if one doesn’t have a good lawyer to defend him or her, the existing political climate tends to favour the acclaimed victim.

There is quite a number of evidence that the court uses as a foundation to give judgment to a sexual assault case. For example, a DNA test can be used to prove if the complaint had close contact with the accused. But, this is not sufficient enough, because, a close contact doesn’t necessarily depict if the act actually happened. And, even aside from that, that sex occurred doesn’t mean the complaint didn’t give consent. Sexual assault is only said to have occurred if the complaint wasn’t in agreement with the act. From the look of things, a sexual assault case can be very dicey. This is why you need a sexual assault lawyer torontoif you happen to find yourself in any of this situation. Even if you are innocent, it is advised that you do not give the police a statement without the presence of a lawyer. This is because whatever you say or do can and will be used against you in the court of law. The higher the number of years your lawyer has in treating criminal cases like this, the high the chances of the case ending in your favour. So, be guided when making the decision of who defends you.