How can you use Online scheduling API?

If you are also looking for online booking for marketplaces then you have landed on the right place. We will tell you all about this software in the aspect of a marketplace which will help you in your business. To start with a brief, this software can give you with completely customized and also private software of payment gateway for your website. This gateway will not only be yours but will also run on your own servers giving you complete authority over your business.

Features of the online marketplace Following are the features that you will get from online booking for marketplaces • Personalized auto emails: we provide you with personalized emails which can be sent to your clients and customers. These emails will contain text and information as provided from you and then will be sent automatically. These can be sent for reminders, appointment, confirmation etc. • Discount and taxes: if offered discounts and taxes a great engagement can be obtained from the customers. We will help you creating discount codes and also distribute it for you. • Instant check-in:White label scheduling software provided with instant check-ins that means your clients can process the payment and other services at any time they wish. • Scheduling: this is the main feature of online API through which people can book for different types of schedule such as class scheduling, scheduling appointment, tickets for events and any other scheduling of any service.
The payment feature of this software does not only accept payments but also captures a detailed auditing trail that will contain customers’ history as well as transactions. You can also create a loyalty program that will contain functions that will include membership renewal payments. And if you are wondering what the membership of scheduling APIwill be very costly then let me tell you that you are wrong. They also provide you with a free trial version so that you can satisfy yourself before you purchase your premium membership. Some of the other features of this software include the listing of directory and management of the platform.